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Where is MJ Aquaholics heading?

Dear readers,

welcome back! After you learned something about me and Míša, now it's time to find out what MJ Aquaholics will be about!

The main goal of this project is to educate and help in regards to drinking water. Clean water has been a driving force in the evolution and progress of human race. All the grand historical civilizations, like the ones in Indus Valley or Egypt, were born in areas with a great supply of water for agriculture and of course, for living itself. In the current situation, with ever-growing number of people living on this planet, the importance of having access to clean drinking water is enormous. We are the lucky ones; born in Europe with water sources all around us. The mild European climate is also a big advantage. We might experience some mild earthquakes, there are few volcanoes, sometimes the floods occur but that's it. It only rarely gets serious and when it does, the advanced infrastructure and overall political stability of Europe is also advantageous in dealing with difficult situations like these. That doesn't mean everything here in Europe is perfect, there is always room for improvement.

According to WHO report, almost every third human on this planet does not have access to safe drinking water. That means around 2 500 000 000 people! Of course, we are not that foolish to think that MJ Aquaholics can help all of them, that's practically impossible given the length of human life and the complicated administrative systems everywhere. However, if we could lower this number with MJ Aquaholics even just by few, it would be tremendous success. Wouldn't be nice just to find some kind of magical lamp, talking golden fish who fulfills wishes or set of infinity stones?

Unfortunately, we don't possess any magical McGuffin to help us. We are starting from an absolute scratch using our skills and our passion. Míša works with social media, I have a scientific background and on that we want to build. Few days ago, we created account on Instagram. With this articles, the website is launched. Soon, the Facebook page will be active too and hopefully in a month or so, we'll be able to start a YouTube channel as well!

As I already said, we are no experts but what drives is the hunger to learn new things, our love of water and desire to give something back to our blue planet. Our plan is to start with posting photos (almost daily) and videos (probably weakly) of our previous travels on Instagram and Facebook to display that we love to be around water, mixing with some educational blog articles about water in general (once a week in the beginning, ideally twice a week). Water truly is a unique chemical compound, thus soon you'll be able to read a fascinating stories about its properties, its cycle on our planet and many other things. The next in line we'll add in the mix some articles about current situation in regards to drinking water and its accessibility. Some will summarize the overall situation worldwide, later ones will be more specific. We come from Czech Republic, country with superb water quality and now we live in Barcelona where the tap water tastes like swimming pool. So we want to address that too. It not all gonna be that serious, we have in mind funny videos with experiments that include water in some form so you can try them at home with your kids or simply just for fun. Beside that, we'd like to share some tips how to save water in the household plus reduce using of chemicals to avoid polluting water. In the end, we would like to use this project in regards to volunteering in different parts of the world helping the less fortunate with clean water accessibility.

We both still have regular jobs with regular working hours, thus our plan is not set in stone, it may change and vary in the future but the main goals are going to remain the same - spread the awareness, help and have fun with it!

Tune in next time, when I discuss in more detail the unique properties of water!

Cheers for now,


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