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Who are we and how we started MJ Aquaholics?

Dear readers,

you are now reading the very first blog post of MJ Aquaholics, a project that me and my girlfriend recently started. In this first article, I would love to introduce ourselves and our stories that eventually led to the creation of MJ Aquaholics.

My name is Jiří, which is for the foreigners always very difficult to pronounce. I don't mind at all but to make it easier for others I often call myself George which is direct English translation of my Czech name. I finished studies in toxicology and inorganic chemistry few years ago but the scientific field did not suit me. I especially didn't like that after one finishes doctorate studies, the main focus of scientific work shifts more towards sitting by the computer, writing reports, articles or grant proposals. I have always rather loved doing chemistry in the lab than the rest of activities that come with it. Unfortunately, that's not how modern science work. Beside that, I always thought that scientific community should be full of highly intelligent, open minded people who's goal is to give something back to society. Oh boy, I was wrong. Although, I had a superb supervisor, I also met a lot of selfish scientists who fake the results and exploit their students just to gain more money and build up their name. Due to this and few unsuccessful attempts to get some grant support, I decided that scientific career isn't for me.

Michaela (or Míša = ´Meescha´) also went through the same university but in completely different field - addictology. She always wanted to help others, thus addictology intrigued her. However, she went through similar process like I did. Her field was not as she originally imagined. Míša also had experience with people in her field who only want exploit the clients and their bad situation. She was the one who introduced me to many things and greatly helped me to push me limits and try new things. Before we met, I was a bit nerdy guy who used to write notes from encyclopedias, watch battle analysis, numerous TV shows and play games. Well, I am still that guy...but with Míša I eventually started surfing, snowboarding, riding longboard and doing so many other things I cannot even count them. I always say that there are 3 key people who shaped my life the most (beside my family members of course) - my best friend Joey, my former supervisor Michael and Míša. Her energy, strength and passionate personality with a bit of craziness are highly contagious. And her smile! I'd almost forget about that! Since she is a water sign (Scorpio), Míša always loved, loves and will most likely always love to be around water.

(Top left: Devil's Head; center left: Prague Castle and Charles Bridge; bottom left: Karlštejn Castle; top right: Máj Viewpoint; center right: Hluboká Castle; bottom right: Říp Hill)
"The Heart of Europe" and its wonders

We both come from Czech Republic (or Czechia). If you don't know where it is, it might help you that our country is often called "the Heart of Europe" which hints that our small republic is located in a central part of Europe. The problem for us has always been that Czech Republic doesn't have sea nor ocean. Of course, there are some lakes but not that nice and grandiose like for example those in Switzerland or Austria.

All of the above brought us to beautiful and sunny Barcelona. We wanted some fresh move on to new things with a goal to learn a new language, gain different experiences and after some time to build something that is ours.

Then, Covid-19 appeared. Suddenly, we had more time to think and shape up this project and one day, couple days ago actually, on Sunday May 24th, the MJ Aquaholics were born.

For a long time we both wanted to create some kind of project that would connect the things we love with things the world needs, to simply give something back. After many many discussions, it suddenly kicked us (actually while being in a bathtub). Whenever we plan our vacations or generally some trip, we always end up close to water. After all, Barcelona having sea was one of the main reasons we moved here.

So here we go, now you know little bit about us and in the next blog, you can read more details about MJ Aquaholics!

Cheers for now,


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