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"Did You Know?" Series

🙏Saving water is important and not many people realize that behind everything we encounter in our day-to-day lives is a large water consumption. 💧This water is called virtual water, because us consumers, we don’t directly use it, it’s the water that is needed for production of the goods.🧀

This post is not about preaching like „stop eating meat“ or „don’t buy new phone every year“, it’s just informative and it also shows the importance of water. 💦We do not only need to drink it to keep us alive but without water, we could not enjoy practically anything from a fresh bread in the morning🍞 to a car we use to transport ourselves.🚙

As we try to step up our eco game, for example this week♻️, we reduced our consumption of meat. We’ll most likely never go full vegetarian or even vegan🙅‍♂️ but we can certainly work out some way to eat meatless dishes and they are tasty too! 😋There are always ways to be more conscious about the world around us and we try to explore them and share them with you🙏,


❓In addition, the shade depends on various factors, mainly the depth of water and the size and type of particles scattered in it!💙 The same thing is the reason why sky is blue too!🏞


❓Another cool fact about water❗

CO2 plays highly important role here. 💨It dissolves into rainwater 🌧, making it slightly acidic, which helps to erode rocks🏔 and carry the minerals💎 in the lakes and rivers which ultimately concentrate in seas and ocean making them salty.😉

Besides that, the dissolved salts make sea/ocean water slightly denser, so it‘s easier to swim in it!🏊‍♀️


His body entered water with the speed around 120 km/h! ☄ Check his video on youtube! 📽

We generally love jumping from heights into the water. 💦Not on this level of course and Míša is way braver than me. 🤪We both set our personal record during the canyoneering at Kawasan falls in Philippines. 🤾‍♀️Míša jumped from 18m while I did 15m🤾‍♂️ jump and my heartbeat must have also reached the ultimate high.

Previous record holder was Czech stuntman Rudolf Bok🇨🇿 who jumped off Žďákovský bridge in 1997 (58,28 m) and he almost died because wind blow under the bridge made him to fall on his back. 😬He didn‘t stop doing crazy stunts and his favourite hobby is being set on fire 🔥(once he ran 400 meters while being on fire!).🤷‍♂️


It was achieved by Abbie Girl🐶 at Ocean Beach Dog Beach🐕, in San Diego, California, USA, on 18 October 2011!

Alright, so even dogs surf better than us.🏄‍♂️ Maybe once we came close to riding a wave for 100 meters but to do it regularly, we can only wish.🙏 And probably practice a lot! Hopefully, one day we‘ll have the opportunity to surf more than 5 times a year.🏄‍♀️


🧊This weird paradox was already noted by Aristotle!

Yet, it was 13 years old Tanzanian high-school student Erasto Mpemba👨‍🏫 who really tried to explain it. He first noticed it in 1963, when in cookery class he put hot and cold ice cream🍦 mix in the freezer and noticed that the hot mix froze faster.❄ They ridiculed him at first but he eventually received recognition, and since then thousands of scientists have tried to explain this phenomenon. 👩‍🔬The most likely explanation is that supercooled water may have a lower freezing point for originally colder water than for originally hot water.♨️

💦When you throw a cup of boiling water in the air (with at least -30 degrees of Celsius), hot water instantly freezes into tiny icy particles🧊, but cold water does not💧.


Including humans!⁠🤬

Their ignorance caused a worldwide contamination.🦠 They knew well what PFOA’s can do and they were still lying🤥 and doing as much as possible to avoid trial. ⁠😔

PFOA’s belong to the group of so called “forever chemicals”.⏳ These compounds simply stay in the environment, nothing breaks them down. 💪They’re so persistent that you almost surely have them in your blood too! 🩸It’s just a trace amount (1 in billion or even less) but it’s detectable. Many companies and governments is changing their policies to avoid using them but that’s always a slow process.⁠👵

🔗Check out our latest blog to learn more! Or watch movie Dark Waters💦 or documentary The Devil We Know on Netflix.🎥


That's like a small cup of coffee!⁠☕

Of course, we lose water via other ways too. 💧Depending on your drinking regime, you may produce from 0.5L to 3L of urine every day, with an average around 1.5L.⁠

💩You lose water (around 200mL) also by going on "number 2".⁠

You sweat🥵, this way a regular person loses around additional 100 mL of water every day. ⁠

Due to all that, humans need to consume around 2-3L of water every day🚰, depending on your weight, metabolism speed etc. It's not only about drinking. 💧Your body receives water from the food you eat too, up to 1L a day!🥒Eating a cucumber or watermelon helps a lot, they're basically water trapped inside a fruity sponge.⁠🍉

Anyway, always follow your drinking regimen, especially now when the summer is approaching! ⁠💦


🌌Universe is full of weird things! 💧⁠

In 2011 scientists found the most massive ☁️cloud of water💦 in the universe. It’s 12 billion light-years away and weighs 40 billion times the mass of Earth.🌍 To make it even weirder, this cloud is actually “feeding” a supermassive black hole.🤯⁠

The black holes have tremendous gravitational force⚫ and “suck in” all the surrounding material no matter what it is. 🌀While doing that, they’re also burping back out powerful energy jets of x-ray and infrared radiation. ☄️That heats the surrounding material which ends up in observed cloud of water. ⁠

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