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About us

Passionate travellers, environmentalists and aquaholics by nature from Czech Republic.

Check out this short documentary from our beginnings in Barcelona.

  We are Míša and Jirka (or Michelle and George if you like) and we loooove travelling and everything that goes with it. Plus, we love nature and what bothers us a lot is the trash lying freely.

  Although neither of us have never actually studied environmental issues, due to a series of life circumstances, from a chemist and an addictologist, we became passionate environmentalists picking up trash litterally everywhere we go. I mean it, we hardly leave home without gloves and at least a small bag for trash.

  Although litter picking can be a frustrating activity, as no place stays clean forever and some only last a few minutes, we always try to maintain a positive spirit. We strive to project that positivity in our group clean-ups, talks and other educational activities we organise.

  Since June 2020, when we went out to clean the beach for the first time after the lifting of the confinement, we have spent a lot of time and collected tens of thousands of pieces of rubbish, from your typical cigarette butts and plastic bottles to really strange finds like dentures or even urns with ashes. 

  Living in Barcelona made us fall in love with Spanish, which led us to Latin America, where our love only deepened. We fell in love with the generosity of the local people, their energetic culture and beautiful nature.
   Our ultimate goal is to awaken a sense of community and togetherness in people. Whether we want to or not, we are all on the same boat. Whether we are from the Czech Republic, Uganda, India or Argentina, pollution does not respect country borders and each of us should play an active role in protecting our home, planet Earth. We simply do not have another planet like this one.

Our story in photographs

First project

Our first project! This used to be our favorite spot when living in Barcelona, but it was disgustingly littered. It took eight Sundays to clean it - 176 kg of trash!

Cleanup in Czech Republic

Our first group cleanup. When visiting Czechia for Christmas in 2020, we convinced few friends and family members to pick up some trash with us.

Beach cleanup in Barcelona

Of course, we continued in Barcelona too. Here we are with our dear friends from Clean Beach Initiative on one of several 2021 cleanups

Cleanup that changed our life

This is a cleanup on Flores island in Guatemala from February 2022. The video of it became viral on TikTok and it took our project to another level and it allowed us to grow our impact.

Huge cleanup in Santa Ana. El Salvador

The sudden popularity allowed to organize much bigger cleanup events. This one resulted in more than 500 kg of trash due to help of amazing 37 volunteers!

Educational lecture on Roatán, Honduras

It also opened doors to many schools which invited us to give lectures for their students. Our goal is show that it does not matter where you are from, everyone can do something about protecting the environment.

Recycling center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Through our travels and efforts we established an extensive network of contacts with recycling center, local organizations, local leaders and even governments.

TV interview in El Salvador

Beside that we caught the attention of the local media and got many invitations to radios, podcasts and even TV to raise the awareness even more.

Every good deed counts!

Planet Earth is our only home and everyone should realize it. So, we try to show it with everything we do. Plus, we are eternally grateful for having the chance to travel the world and do little bit of good. Now finally, as an official NGO.


Topolova 1377, Most

Postal code: 43401


EKO Dolan

ID 19607971

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